Here's a peek into my playground. This is where I'm digging into some ideas that may or may not ever see the light of day. Maybe they're just projects that I'll learn something on that will feed into a different idea.

A refresh to the Steam iOS app

This idea started with the desire for a better wishlist manager for Steam games. After digging through their api I realized there was no way access a user's wishlist, but I could still create one separate of the user's Steam account. Knowing I needed some way to start viewing game details, I pulled down their featured list and started parsing the data to see how they link to individual games. From there I built out a simple overview page (title, price, screenshots, etc.) to be able to view an individual game's details.

Since I wanted to view more than the featured set and there was no search api for games, I created a little app that grabs their entire library and load each title into a searchable public CloudKit db for the app. The search tab in the app queries against the CloudKit public db and returns matches for the search term. Selecting an item off the list goes to the game's overview page.

The next step is to save the games to a wishlist locally and in the user's private CloudKit db to sync across their devices. Once a list is created, maybe expand it so I can share the list with other users.


Steam featured tab, top 10 games for each platform (Windows, macOS, Linux)List of achievements for the gameResponsive to iOS dark modeShowing off the search capabilities

The original app that inspired this idea can be downloaded here: Steam