Moxski apps found on the App Store

Each app started as some small project with something to learn, then developed into something fun that I thought others might enjoy.

Canned Response Keyboard

Tired of entering the same text or tweet over and over again? Use the Canned Response Keyboard to enter once, use everywhere.

Deep Sea Diver

Easy to play, HARD to master! You're diving into the deep blue sea and you must navigate between the coral to get as deep as you can.

Garage Poker Timer

A simple poker timer for those late night garage tournaments. Push notifications available to alert you at the end of each round.


Test your knowledge of flags around the world! There's the short quiz mode of 10 questions, or Endless mode that can keep going until you answer all of the flags correctly.


A FREE flashlight that really works! Simple one button on/off switch and changable themes.

Martian Roadster

Did you ever wonder what happened to that car that was launched into space? Don't Panic! Help Starman fly through space blowing up asteroids!

Minesweeper for iPhone & iPad

Classic Minesweeper. Clear the minefield by tapping each square without setting off a mine. Trip one off, you lose.


A free tip calculator on your iPhone and Apple Watch for quick entry, tip adjustment, and splitting among friends.